Braemar Yacht Services – Tuesday Technical Teach Ins

Tuesday Technical Teach Ins

Braemar Yacht Services will be running a series of monthly ”Tuesday Technical Teach Ins” during 2018.  Our goal is to tackle areas that we believe will be of interest to underwriters, claims handlers and brokers, highlighting technical issues that bear on risk awareness, risk mitigation and incident prevention.  These presentations will accrue CPD points.

With the first presentation by Farsounder now behind us, our programme is now as follows:

Tuesday 13 March 2018:

“The integration of safe flight deck operations into superyachts through design and training, accident rates, accident prevention and regulation” –  presented by a team from Jonathan Turner from MAST.

With the average size of superyachts continuing to increase, many owners are increasingly looking to incorporate a flight deck, either for land on or for touch and go operations, raising a significant range of additional risks.  The aim of this presentation is to discuss how flight deck operations can be safely integrated into yacht designs; the limitations on the size and type of aircraft allowed to use the facilities; current requirements regarding training and certification of both flight crew and pilots; a review of accident statistics; and, to review some case studies from recent incidents to look at where claims could have been avoided.

Tuesday 17 April 2018:

“Software and hardware approaches to mitigating the cyber security threat on the latest generation of superyachts in which every system onboard is potentially connected to the internet” – presented by CDS Marine.

With the latest generation of superyachts and those coming out of major refits being internet connected 24/7, the risk of losses from cyber security breaches of some form is inevitably going to increase. This presentation aims to address areas of vulnerability on superyachts; how the threat is expected to develop as technology evolves; how to mitigate the risks from unauthorised access through training and hardware solutions; and some case studies looking at potential cyber loss scenarios and how potential claims might be avoided.

Erratum: please note that this presentation will be made by CDS Marine only and will not feature Cal Leeming as incorrectly stated previously.


A few notes……

  • These Teatime Teach Ins will be hosted at our offices on the 5th Floor, 6 Bevis Marks
  • Each event will start at 4pm and will wrap up by 5pm
  • Space is limited to 35 guests, so please let us know as early as possible if you would like to attend any/all events as this will help us with numbers. Please email [email protected]